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SEO Tips-How To Make Templates Blogspot More SEO ?

SEO Tips - How To Make (Our) Templates Blogspot More SEO ?

SEO-Tips-Make-Templates-Blogspot-SEOThe Master SEO and Publishing Services Blog / Website / website, would want Templates / Themes to TOP SEO in search engines / Google search results appear on the PageRank 1 / Page.

Before heading kepokok article, we first explain a little about:
What is SEO ...?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization said that a foreign language / english Why aim for the optimum in the manufacture of articles / posts with the keyword / keyword and optimal lawyer's a picture, and of course this is already known / familiar in the ears makers Blog / Web / Sites, especially the Masters and Veteran SEO Services like Search Engine Optimization, especially Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is top of the list for the Master Veteran SEO by hunting Keyword / Keywod the nancap sperti jangkr on search engine / search engine. Meaning: Good Blog Title and Title Positng with phrases and keywords / keyword specific results can be directly detected in penulusuran engine Google appeared on the first page (Pagerank 1 Google search engine).

Google's search engine has a detection device called a robot that can work crawling Blog / Web / Sites buddy that would have made the registration on the "add url" in Blog Buddy yaang you can click on the blog is the "Webmaster Tools" or "Webmaster Tools ". Indeed, in time Google will detect about 3 months from start making Bog Buddies and over time, as well as the number of visitors, but this time to speed up indexing and crawling should be introduced first, as the proverb says "Unknown, therefore unloved". I've proved from the beginning to the ter-index in the Google search engine is less than 1 week (7 days).

Template / Theme is simple and SEO friendly is one of the initial strategy in the election to make the machine more optimal pecari or more familiar or more could easily later-optimization, it is also one of the SEO techniques or basic SEO tips of how to create a blog at blogger.com successful, do not need a lot of animated widgets and trinkets that do not need to be actually put on weight loading and hard or long Google will crawl-nuya. We did a trip is like a lot of twists and turns steep roads, steep and hollow would be very long to get geared. so it is with Template / Theme of the Blog We are too much mrnggunakan HTML code for mounting Widget and Gadget Animation, etc. which should not be in the show, which means we also must not selfish to readers because we created this blog is SEO ( Search Engine Optimization), so it is certainly the articles / posts that we make will be read Billions of people in the entire world even more (* search results with keywords / phrases phrases / keywords between "Google.com" with "Google.co.id" will be different). Decide in advance that the Blog / Web / Sites to Buddy made contains content to be accessed individually or world wide, it tegantung Buddy all tastes.

For Editing Template / Theme more details, Buddy can read Basic SEO Tips-SEO Optimization Techniques Blogspot.

Hopefully useful (",)

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